About Eagle West Resort...

Eagle West Resort &The Sanftlebens.

The Sanftleben's have had a connection to the Eagle Lake, Ontario for a number of years prior to deciding to pursue the dream of owning a resort.

Originally from Melville, Saskatchewan, Sanftleben's work has kept him moving during his life and always had a vision of a special place where people could come and enjoy themselves.

During the Summer of 2012, the Sanftlebens became the owners of a resort on the West Arm of Eagle Lake, just a hop, skip and a jump east of Winnipeg and a couple of hours north of International Falls, Minnesota. Since making the purchase, Trevor and daughter Jessica and some very good friends have worked hard to bring a camp that had been in operation for 40 years a newer, fresher touch and now he has developed a treasure worth searching for. Eagle West Resort, is continuously being changed and upgraded and refined into a perfect place to create family memories.

Eagle West Resort located on Eagle Lake is a great way to experience Northern Ontario with the whole family. Eagle Lake is well-known in angling circles as a trophy fishery with the most popular gamefish being musky. It is also home to Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, trophy Walleye, Lake Trout and White Fish.

Sanftleben gets genuine enjoyment from taking children out on the lake."When kids laugh it's a natural reaction. They aren't trying to impress anyone and there's nothing like the sound of a kid squealing and laughing when there's a fish on the line." 

Add the crystal-clear water and a natural sand beach to the mix and you have everything required to make a complete vacation destination, just the way the family envision it. 

The Sanftleben's would like you to consider Eagle West Resort when you're looking for that next family vacation destination and they'll do whatever they can to ensure you have such a good time, you'll return -- maybe with some friends.

The family would like to thank their American and Canadian friends as well as former customers of Kimberley's Eagle West for past patronage and look forward to seeing them in the future.